Home Buyers

Our Home Buyers Process

Today’s home buyers are educated and well informed. The Coverdale Team recognizes that emailing a few homes and arranging a few showings is not the service Home Buyers want or deserve.

We have developed a process that focuses on defining your needs, providing services to give you the right information as soon as it becomes available and making sure that you are prepared when the right opportunity arises. We maintain a working knowledge of local neighborhoods and markets. This ensures that when you decide to buy your first, next or last home, you can do so with the confidence that you understand the value of your new home. Additionally, we have working relationships with many local lenders ensuring that when you find the right home you are ready to buy.

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Veteran and Military Home Buyers

We are dedicated to serving all of our client’s and are particularly proud to represent members of the Armed Services, both active and retired. The Coverdale Team has experience with and resources for Veterans looking to take advantage of their VA Home Buying benefits. You served your country, now let us serve you.

Need to Buy or Sell a Home?